With our software you can manage your fleet without Excel sheets, can create statements and see your car issues in context.

The key of carefree fleet management is available from
260 Ft/car/month (0,8€/car/month)


Does company car number exceeded 10 pcs?

Does company car number exceeded 10 pcs?

Thanks to automated management processes, our software saves time and money for you and your company.
Are you in troube with your Excel sheets?

Are you in troube with your Excel sheets?

Managing related datas, making reports, and comprehensive analysis with Excel is not feasible, unlike our solution.
Is your Fleet Manager has enought information about cars?

Is your Fleet Manager has enought information about cars?

If you have a fleet provider, but not warn you all of the tasks, e.g. mandantory services.
Do you deal with rentingor leasing?

Do you deal with renting
or leasing?

Managing quotes, orders, contracts, and invoices within one system, our system generate unique documents automatically.
Does you get the right support as a carrier company?

Does you get the right support as a carrier company?

If your current fleet management software does not provide enough information and infrastructure to manage your vehicles efficiently.

Do you want to know your datas in safe?

Do you want to know your datas in safe?

With SeaFleet, you can check this out as our software is complied with GDPR 100% and your data is continuously saved by us.

Check out our short tutorial video about our software!

The video is shows only the most important (basic) functions of the software, not the full functionality, and there is a wide range of pre-made optional offerings for individual needs. Our product development is continuous, keeping pace with the market demands that come from you.

Are you interested in the following functions?

  • Customized reports, reporting options
  • Detecting errors and misuses
  • Support for quotation-order-contract handling for motor vehicle dealers
  • Cost savings
  • Connectivity with your fleet providers (fuses, refueling stations, vehicle tracking systems, etc.)




Automated Invoice Loading

We have already installed our software for the larger domestic service providers (eg fuel, GPS, leasing, insurance), thus significantly reducing the time spent with manual data entry.

Linking of inhomogeneous systems

Our product can be well integrated with CRM, administration (eg SAP), transport management or other IT systems, and the unified solution gives you full control over your fleet management.

Manage multiple companies in one program

If you are a fleet manager or car rental service, you can use our software to manage the cars of several companies in a single user-friendly application.

Modular, scalable architecture

The price of our product is determined by the required functions and the number of managed cars, so it can be flexibly changed with the growth of the company.

Eurotax interface

The automated filling of the vehicles with Eurotax data helps to quickly and easily fill the vehicles.

Documents generate automatically

Based on pre-loaded Word templates, we automatically generate the company documents what necesseraly for fleet management. (eg worksheet, offer, transfer receipt, licenses, etc.)

Detailed individual statements

SeaFleet has a standalone report module that can be freely parameterized and where you can get answers in seconds to any relationship.

If you choose SeaFleet in rental construction with cloud-based service, it is


Web service

Web service

You only need a browser to manage your cars.
Regular data saving

Regular data saving

To save data is the part of our service.
Version upgrades

Version upgrades

We provide continuous information to our customers about developments, new features, and bug fixes.
User support

User support

We provide support via telephone or e-mail for our customers.

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